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(Moonhaven Rumour Has It)


Our Kooiker girl all the way from Sweden bred by Katarina Bladh at Moonhaven.


Pedigree for Wispa

'Moonhaven Rumour Has It'

VWD - Clear by DNA
ENM - Clear by DNA
BVA Eye Exam - Clear
Patela Luxation - 1:1

Agility Grade 7 - KC Small
Breed Show Results

Unfortunately, Wispa has lost some of her front teeth in an accident so is no longer taken into the show ring.

Crufts Qualified 2017
Crufts 10.03.16                                  2nd Post Graduate Bitch
Good Citizen Bitch
National Dog Show 08.05.15                2nd  Post Graduate Bitch
Welks 24.04.15                                  2nd Post Graduate Bitch
CRUFTS 08.03.15                              1st Post Graduate Bitch
Good Citizen Bitch
                                                         RESERVE BEST BITCH!!!!
Crufts Qualified 2016

Manchester Champ 16.01.15                 1st Post Graduate Bitch
Welsh Kennel Club 17.08.14                3rd Post Graduate Bitch
Southern Counties 30.05.14                2nd Post Graduate Bitch
Crufts 08.03.14                                 1st Special Junior Bitch
Crufts Qualified 2015
Manchester Champ Show 17.01.14        1st Junior Bitch

                                                      Top Kooiker Puppy 2013!

LKA 15.11.13                                    1st Junior Bitch
Gundog of North Wales 03.11.13       2nd Junior & Best Puppy
Gundog of Wales 16.10.13                 3rd Junior & Best Puppy

SWKA 11.10.13                                2nd Junior & Best Puppy
Stoke on Trent Gundog 29.09.13       2nd Junior & Best Puppy
Driffield Champ Show 20.09.13        1st Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy
Darlington Champ Show 15.09.13       1st Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy

City of Birmingham Champ 01.09.13   1st Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy Bitch
Welsh Kennel Champ Show 18.08.13   3rd Junior & Best Puppy
Bournemouth Champ Show 11.08.13    3rd Junior Bitch & Best Puppy
National Gundog 04.08.13                2nd Puppy Bitch
Paignton Champ Show 03.08.13         1st Junior Bitch & Best Puppy
Leeds Champ Show 28.07.13             2nd Junior Bitch
Oswestry & DKA 21.07.13                2nd Graduate & Best Puppy
Windsor Champ Show 27.06.13         1st Puppy Bitch
Cheshire County Show 18.06.13         1st Puppy & Best Puppy & Reserve Best                                                                                                     of Breed
                            Crufts Qualified 2014!!

Southern Counties 31.05.13              1st Puppy Bitch / 2nd Rare Breed Puppy                                                                                                         Bitch

      May 2017 - Grade 7

March 2016 -  Grade 6

                                 August 2015 -  Grade 5


                                     June 2015 -  Grade 4


                                     May 2015 - Grade 3


               Lune Valley 28.06.14 Medium Allsorts Jumping - 1st Best Medium Dog!!

Obedience Results
KC GCD GOLD Award - Passed 14.10.14
KC GCD Silver Award - Passed 12.11.13
KC GCD Bronze Award - Passed 28.07.13
KC Puppy Foundation - Passed 21.05.13

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