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(Crunchcroft Legacy at Papikoi)

Pedigree for Crunchie

'Crunchcroft Legacy at Papikoi'

VWD - Clear by DNA
ENM - Clear by DNA
Patella Luxation - 0:0
BVA Eye Exam - Clear

Breed Show Results

Crufts Qualified 2018
Crufts 10.3.17                                  1st GCD & 2nd Veteran Dog
Crufts Qualified 2017
Crufts 10.3.16                                  1st GCD & Reserve Best Dog
Manchester 15.01.16                           1st Open Dog

Crufts Qualified 2016

National Dog Show 08.05.15               Best Dog/Reserve Best of Breed
Crufts Qualified 2015
Welsh Kennel 17.08.14                        Best Dog / Best of Breed
Crufts  08.03.14                                2nd GCD
Gundog of North Wales 03.11.13         Best of Breed
Gundog Society of Wales 16.10.13      Best Dog / Best of Breed
SWKA 11.10.13                                   Best Dog/Reserve Best of Breed
Leeds Champ Show 28.07.13               Reserve Best of Breed
Oswestry&DKA 21.07.13                     Best Rare Breed
Cheshire County Show 18.06.13           Best of Breed
Crufts Qualified 2014
Southern Counties 31.05.13                 Best of Breed

Crufts 10.03.13                                   3rd Open Dog, 2nd GCD
Birmingham Gundog/Terrier 20.10.12  Best of Breed
Stoke on Trent Gundog 30.09.12         Best of Breed
Crufts Qualified 2013
Bournemouth 11.08.12                          Best Dog/Reserve Best of Breed
Oswestry & DKA 22.07.12                   Reserve Best of Breed/Best Rare Breed
Oswestry & DKA 18.03.12                    Best of Breed
Crufts 09.03.12                                   2nd GCD
Manchester 22.01.12                           Best Dog/Reserve Best of Breed
Oakengates&DCS 18.12.11                   Reserve Best of Breed
Merseyside Gundog 13.11.11                Best of Breed/Best in Show 4th
Stoke on Trent Gundog 22.09.11         Best of Breed
Oswestry&DKA 17.07.11                      Reserve Best of Breed/ Best Rare Breed
Shropshire Gundog 29.05.11                Best of Breed
Birmingham Gundog/Terrier 10.04.11   Reserve Best of Breed
Crufts Qualified 2012
CRUFTS 10.03.11               ** Best of Breed **
Oakengates&DCS 13.02.11                   Best of Breed
Coventry Gundog 05.12.10                   Reserve Best of Breed
Gundog of Wales 13.10.10                   Best Puppy
Birmingham Gundog/Terrier 10.10.10   Best Puppy
Stoke on Trent Gundog 26.09.10         Best Puppy
Bournemouth 15.08.10                         Best Puppy 
Crufts Qualified 2011
Leeds 25.07.10                                   Best Puppy
Melton Mowbray 06.06.10                  Best Puppy
Shropshire Gundog  30.05.10              Best Puppy/Best Rare Breed
SofE Gundog 09.05.10                        Best Puppy

Obedience Results

KC GCDS 30.11.10   GOLD AWARD         

Crunchie passed his Good Citizen Awards with ease, but the fact that he yawned and sighed throughout the whole process gave me the distinct inpression that obedience was not really his idea of fun!  So he just comes to shows as the support crew for Lucy and we ask no more of him!

                                      'In the dog house!'

Agility Results

Grade Three

             * Retired to Anysize Jumping due to neck injury *


Grade Two

Blenhiem 07.09.14 Combined 1-2 Agility 3rd
Adams 25.08.14 Graded 1-4 Agility 1st and into GRADE 3
Adams 23.08.14 Graded 1-4 Agility 2nd
Wirral 12.07.14 Graded 1-4 Jumping 3rd
Lune Valley 28.06.14 Combined 1-2 Jumping 4th
Golden Valley 15.06.14
Graded 1-2 Jumping 3rd
Golden Valley 15.06.14 Combined 1-2 Agility 5th
Golden Valley 14.06.14 Combined 1-2 Agility 7th
PADS 01.06.14 Graded 1-2 Jumping 2nd

Grade One
ADAMS 18.05,14 Combined 1-3 Agility 12th
ADAMS 17.05,14 Combined 1-3 Jumping 12th
ADAMS 17.05,14 Combined 1-2 Agility 3rd
SDDTC 04.05.14 Graded 1-2 Jumping 3rd
SDDTC 04.05.14 Graded 1-2 Agility 1st
SDDTC 03.05.14 Graded 1-2 Jumping 6th
SDDTC 03.05.14 Graded 1-2 Agility 4th
TAG 21.04.14 Combined 1-2 Jumping 2nd
ABAA (unaffiliated) 01.03.14 Elementry Games 2nd
ABAA (unaffiliated) 01.03.14 Elementry Agility 2nd
ABAA (unaffiliated) 08.02.14 Elementry Agility 1st
ABAA (unaffiliated) 08.02.14 Elementry Jumping 2nd
ABAA (unaffiliated) 08.02.14 Games 3rd
ABAA (unaffiliated) 11.01.14 Elementry Jumping 3rd
ABAA (unaffiliated) 11.01.14 Games 2nd
ABAA Gundog League Series 1 2013 Standard/Large
ABAA (unaffiliated) 07.12.13 Elementry Agility 2nd
ABAA (unaffiliated) 07.12.13 Elementry Jumping 3rd
ABAA (unaffiliated) 07.12.13 Games 3rd
ABAA (unaffiliated) 23.11.13 Elementry Agility 2nd
ABAA (unaffiliated) 26.10.13 Elementry Jumping 4th
ABAA (unaffiliated) 26.10.13 Elementry Agility 2nd
ABAA (unaffiliated) 26.10.13 Games 5th
TAG 20.10.13 Graded 1-3 Agility Clear
TAG 19.10.13 Graded 1-3 Agility 2nd
TAG 19.10.13 Graded 1-2 Agility 2nd
Oswestry 13.10.13 Graded Jumping 1-3 Clear

Oswestry 13.10.13 Combined Jumping 1-4 Clear
SDDTC 12.10.13 Graded 1-2 Agility 3rd
Blenhiem 07.09.13 Combined 1-2 Agility 4th
Blenhiem 07.09.13 Graded 1-2 Jumping Clear
Adams 25.08.13 Graded 1-3 Agility 2nd
Adams 24.08.13 Combined 1-2 Jumping 4th
Adams 24.08.13 Graded 1-4 Jumping Clear
TAG 20.07.13 Graded 1-3 Agility 3rd
Wirral ATS 14.07.13 Graded 1-3 Jumping 4th
Wirral ATS 13.07.13 Graded 1-3 Agility Clear
Adams 18.05.13 Combined 1-3 Jumping Clear
ABAA (unaffiliated) 13.04.13 Elementary Agility 4th

ABAA (unaffiliated) 13.04.13 Elementary Jumping 6th
ABAA (unaffiliated) 13.04.13 Steeplechase 2nd
ABAA (unaffiliated) 02.03.13 Elementary Agility 2nd
Gundog Agility League 03.02.13 Jumping Clear
Gundog Agility League 03.02.13 Steeplechase Clear
ABAA (unaffiliated) 12.01.13 Elementary Agility 5th
ABAA (unaffiliated) 12.01.13 Elementary Jumping 6th
ABAA (unaffiliated) 27.10.12 Elementary Jumping 9th
Shrewsbury&DDTC  13.10.12 Combined 1-3 Agility Clear Round
Dashin Dogs 22.09.12 Combined 3-5 Agility Clear Round
Adams 25.08.12  Large Graded 1-3 Agility Clear Round 
Adams 27.08.12  Large Graded 1-4 Agility Clear Round

                          The boy is back!!!!!

Wirral ATS  14.07.12  Large Grade 1 Jumping 5th 
Wirral ATS  15.07.12  Large Grade 1 Jumping  Clear Round


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