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Kooikerhondje & Miniature American Shepherds


About us.............

We are a family of animal lovers and both myself and my husband have grown up surrounded by
animals. Our dogs are first and foremost family pets, their welfare always comes first.  We enjoy
Breed showing and competing in Agility which takes up most of our weekends!  I do train my dogs
in Obedience and have competed with Lucy, but found that I was unable to afford the time to train
myself properly...and yes it was me letting the dog down with my terrible footwork!  Obedience is
vital in a multi dog household, so all my dogs have achieved their Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards
and practice obedience on a daily basis. We holiday with our dogs and have now invested in a
touring caravan to make life just a bit easier, plus we are able to camp at the Agility shows!  
I am currently feeding my dogs on a raw diet which  seems to suit them  really well, I did take a
bit of convincing to change there diet, but they love it!  And it is much easier than I anticipated.
 Highly recommended!!
Andrew with Crunchie Crufts BOB 2011     Amy with Tia     Annette with Lucy     Obedience with Lucy     Lucy Best Puppy Crufts 2009  


   Our Dog Bus!    Lucy Medium Agility    


           Amy with Misty       

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