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Our Dogs

The Kooikers.......

We got our first Kooikerhondje from The Netherlands in 2009. "Lucy" (Manusia's Donna at Papikoi) she was born in 2008, but due to our strict quarantine rules in the UK, I  had to have her fostered until her passport allowed her entry to the UK.  Our second Kooikerhondje "Crunchie" (Crunchcroft Legacy at Papikoi) is an English bred Kooikerhondje and he came to live with us in December 2009..  Please see their relevant pages for more information.
In March 2013 we welcomed "Wispa" into our home, (Moonhaven Rumour Has It) she comes all the way from Sweden and we are really looking forward to having lots of fun with her both in the Show ring and the Agility ring.
April 2016 Crunchie and Wispa had a litter of puppies and we kept a little girl we named "Flea", she is mad as a hatter, very funny, really affectionate and will excell in the agility ring!

Our Miniature American Shepherds.......

This is Mazy our American import, she came all the way from Nevada, USA in February 2013.  She is my first MAS and an absolute delight!

One is never enough so Meg joined our family in October 2014, she comes from the Kilnhurst Kennel up in the Scottish Borders.

Maddi another American import came from the Moonbaby Kennels in Utah, USA in June 2015, wasn't planning on another MAS just yet but she was too good to let go!!

What do my girls need? A boyfriend!  So Kodi arrived all the way from the Alta Kennels in Canada.  I couldn't be more thrilled with this boy!


The Papillons......

We have two Papillons that belong to my daughter Amy.   She started to show Tia at local shows and was doing quite well with her until an accident with a collie left her with spinal problems and an uneven gait.  With regular visits to the dog Chiropractor she manages to lead a comfortable life but is unable to show.
Jazz is unlike any Papillon that I have ever owned!  She has a very strong will and will not do anything that she doesn't want to!  Her default setting is 'lie down' and if she is not happy, thats exactly what she does!  Full of character and lots of mischief!

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"Lucy" & "Crunchie"


Miniature American Shepherd UK
Miniature American Shepherd UK
Miniature American Shepherd UK
Miniature American Shepherd UK
"Tia" (Blairanco's Princess Tia)
"Jazz" from Serenglade

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